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How Much Is A Blue Merle Goldendoodle

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How Much Is A Blue Merle Goldendoodle

How much is a blue merle goldendoodle.

Our Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle puppies cost 2700-3000. Colors range from Red Merle Blue Merle Black and White Parti and Chocolate.

Goldendoodle 2nd Gen Dog Male Blue Merle 2523581 Petland Lewis Center

Proudly raising mini and medium Bernedoodles and Aussie Mountain Doodles aka Aussie Bernedoodles or Swiss Doodles in traditional tricolors merle tricolors phantoms and parti patterns.

How much is a blue merle goldendoodle. Interestingly homozygous merle dogs which. A blue merle is a Labradoodle black dog with the black broken up into irregularly shaped patches by gray. Watercolor Merle Also known as a Maltese or atypical merle.

Over 10 inches but under 15 inches from the withers to the ground typically 13-18 lbs. The name Foggy transports me to Ocean Beach in San Francisco where the mist and fog act as a blanket of cover for the Outer Sunset District natives. Only about two decades old this breed is a mix of two other top breeds – the Golden Retriever and the Poodle – and comes in many different colors and sizes.

The most common is blue merle the dogs base is a shade of silver with darker gray spots or patches. This coat pattern is often associated most with an Aussiedoodle as again many Australian Shepherds come with a blue merle coat. Merle is a dilution gene just like the blue chocolate in a traditional color but without the color of blue DNA.

He will be ready the end of Sept. Winston is a beautiful blue merle medium Goldendoodle puppy who will be about 30-45 lbs full-grown non-shed and hypoallergenic. As the merle gene can cause both blindness and deafness dogs should not be bred when both are cariers unless this is by very knowledgeable and experiences breeders.

Month old mini blue merle goldendoodle female for sale Up to date on shots Beautiful coat and sweet. View the full pricing breakdown on our Goldendoodle puppy pricing page. 10172020 The merle gene creates mottled patches of color on a dogs coat.

Most of our puppies are 2700. Located on the beautiful Central Coast of Oregon on the Pacific Northwest an easy drive from Eugene Salem Portland and Bend and a great road trip from San Jose San Francisco and. Breeder males or females are sometimes available – contact us for details.

The cost of our Goldendoodle puppies range from between 2500 3500 depending on their coloration and size. Over 17 inches but under 20 inches from the withers to the ground typically 35-50 lbs. 5252020 Goldendoodles are consistently among the most popular breeds in the United States.

Merle Goldendoodle Puppies – Standard or Mini 3000-3500 A Merle Goldendoodle puppy will have a color combination in their coat. As patches of blue are formed throughout the coat. 1312021 Merle dogs have a very beautiful distinctive mottled patterned coat usually with a blue-grey base but they can also be red or black.

Merle can affect all coat colors. 6152020 However the gene can be carried without showing any markings. Red and merle are genetically different and blue.

Foggy is another word for cloudy or misty two other great names for Merle or blue. Merle puppies are 3000. Merles are also commonly red or brown and any merle dog may or may not have.

Both rare and striking these pups will be born a lighter shade of their base colour and markings will only appear on black or chocolate Goldendoodles. 12222019 This breed has a high energy level and cant be contained indoors. The lighter part of the coat can vary from a very light powder blue type coloring to very dark steel blue type coloring.

More Pictures of Our Puppies. Hunter is our mini Goldendoodle. We expect these pups to be of mini stature and weight averaging around 25-30 pounds.

These double merle dogs are also at risk for auditory and ophthalmologic aberrations including deafness microopthalmia and colobomas as well as variety of other abnormalities. Goldendoodles have the intelligence of a Poodle and the loveable playful personality of a Golden Retriever. They often have blue or odd eyes like those often seen in Huskies or Collies and pink freckled noses.

However dogs homozygous for the merle insertion are at risk of being born with an extreme white phenotype with limited areas of pigmentation which is often diluted. Also this breed is quite expensive. Merle is the gray or lighter part of the coats coloring not the black patches.

The merle color is very attractive to puppy buyers and some breeders charge a premium for merle puppies. Over 15 inches but under 17 inches from the withers to the ground typically 25-35 lbs. Blue Merle Aussiedoodles will need a lot of exercise regardless of where they live.

Merle comes in differnet colors and patterns. Or you can have him move on to the high school training option before bringing him home. He has a wavy coat and is a very handsome gentleman.

The merle forms of brown and black are usually called red. He is clever confident and is a social butterfly. Though this is not correct.

What is the price of your Goldendoodles. This is known as a cryptic merle. Please note that SC residents pay 6 tax.

Puppies can cost anywhere from 2300 to 10000. He stands about 1415 at the shoulder and is 18-20 pounds.

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